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The first user includes 25 claimant credits. Each additional user includes 15 claimant credits.
Note! Each user of the site is required to have a unique login. For your security, simultaneous use of a single username is prevented by the site.
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The Account Manager is the person at your organization who will be responsible for maintaining and renewing the account; managing, inviting, and adding new users; and purchasing additional claimant credits as needed. This person can be a user of the site who performs calculations or not. If the Account Manager is not a user of the calculator portion of the site, there is no charge for their access.

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Inviting Users to Join Account

Once your purchase is complete and your account has been activated, the Account Manager will receive an email with instructions on how to invite users to join the account. The option to invite users can also be found on the “My Account” page of the application.

Purchase Subscription & Claimant Credits


If you don't already have an active subscription, you must purchase at least a single user with your initial order.

  Qty Price Total
First User $324.75
Additional Users
*Each additional user includes 15 claimant credits
Additional Claimant Credits $12.99/ea
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Pricing Notes

  • A claimant is defined by their name, Birthdate, Sex, Date of Injury, and initial AWW.
  • The AWW can be changed twice for each claimant.
  • Once a claimant has been loaded into the system, an unlimited number of calculations can be performed for that claimant.
  • Claimant credits cannot be transferred, re-sold, or returned.
  • Claimant credits in an account prior to 01/01/16 do not expire and carry over as long as your subscription is active.
  • Additional claimant credits purchased do not expire and carry over as long as your subscription is active.
  • Beginning 01/01/16, claimant credits included with a username purchase are only valid during that subscription period and do not carry forward.
  • Credits are utilized on a FIFO basis.

Did you know?

You can print a claimant specific receipt for every credit you use