WorkersComputation is the #1 rated software available for calculating workers compensation claims in Florida. Totally redone in 2011, WorkersComputation builds on more than 28 years of experience and service to provide another leap forward in computational ability.

WorkersComputation can easily compute claim values for the following situations:

Present Value

  • PTD (pre and post 10.01.03)
    • Includes future medical benefits. Choose your own start and stop dates as well as a future increase rate!
    • Includes a Rated Age option
  • Wage Loss
  • Impairment

Past Due

  • PTD, TTD, Wage Loss & TPD
  • Impairment
    • Social Security Offsets & Grice Offsets included
    • Supplemental benefit options for PTD calculations
    • Partial week options for Wage Loss & TPD calculations
    • Enter variable earnings for Wage Loss & TPD calculations
    • Option to enter previous payments on all Past Due calculators


  • Grice
  • SSO PTD, TTD, Wage Loss & TPD
  • Impairment

Our new pricing model allows for claimant specific receipts for cost tracking.


Easy to use, integrated case law, and accessible from any internet connected computer whenever you need it. WorkersComputation was designed by legal professionals, not programmers. Simply login to the application, select the report you want to create, enter routinely available claimant data, and sit back while we do the rest of the work for you. It doesn't get any easier than that.

You get to choose:

  • Discount rates
  • Attorney's fee methods
  • Rate of rise of future maximums
  • From several different legal interpretations of case law

WorkersComputation reports are printed in clear and expansive detail. It is easy to see how the numbers were derived and therefore easy to demonstrate accuracy.

All of our reports are rendered in Adobe PDF format for easy emailing, printing and saving.


We have done over 40 updates to the software to keep pace with changes over the years. WorkersComputation is updated frequently to reflect changes in the law. We monitor legal newsletters and listen to customer feedback to help keep pace. Because all of our code is located on one server, you don’t ever have to worry about updating your software. Just login and you’ll find the application is updated and ready to go.

Interim updates are included with your annual account fee; there is no additional charge when we update the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions you might find helpful to review. Simply click on the question to see the answer.

Can I use a browser other than Internet Explorer?
You bet! In the past, we required the use of IE, but now you can access this site using any of the popular browsers such as Safari, Firefox, and IE, to name a few.
Does this site use pop-up windows?
Happily, this site no longer utilizes pop-up windows to display content. No more worries about configuring your pop-up blocking software to use our site.
I had an account name to login on the old site. How come I don't need it on this new site?
We've simplified the login process to allow you to use your email address and your own unique password. Don't worry - we keep track of which account(s) you belong to "behind the scenes" and all of your claimant information is as secure as ever.
Can I share my username with others at my place of business?
NO. Each user requires their own unique login. The site monitors for shared logins and when found, halts operation. After three such halts, the login name is locked and can only be unlocked after paying a re-instatement fee.
I had to use a different login on the old site to access the Account Management functions. How do I login as the Account Manager on this new site?
All users, including the Account Manager, login with their email address. If you are the Account Manager and you are also a user of the calculation portion of the site, you can access all of the functionality with the one login.
Who can use the claimant credits?
The claimant credits can be used by any user on the account.
System Requirements

This is all you need to begin using our software! We bet you already have everything (except for the account).

  • An active account
  • An internet connection and a web browser
    We have designed WorkersComputation to be compatible with a wide variety of web browsers including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. The software has also been verified to run on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X.
  • Adobe Acrobat® Reader
    To ensure that your documents print perfectly every time, we create our forms in Adobe Acrobat® (PDF) format. WorkersComputation requires Adobe Acrobat® Reader version 5.0 or later. If you are a Windows user, you can obtain the latest version from www.adobe.com. Mac OS X users have built-in support for viewing PDF documents in Safari and do not need to install the Adobe software.

Did you know?

During a normal business day, WorkersComputation processes about $1,000.00 worth of claims per second